Dr Hamid Abdollhyan - Professor

UT profile:  https://profile.ut.ac.ir/en/~habdolah

Telephone: +982161117842

Research Interests: Social networking, historical sociology of Iran, public 

sphere and Information Society 

Dr Atefeh Aghaei - Assistant Professor

UT profile:  https://profile.ut.ac.ir/en/~at.aghaei


Research Interests: Health Communication, Medical Sociology, Methodological Studies

Dr Seid Reza Ameli - Professor

UT profile:  https://profile.ut.ac.ir/en/~ssameli

Telephone: +982161117852

Research Interests: cyberspace policy, globalization of communication, big data

Dr Mehri Bahar - Associate Professor 

UT profile:  https://profile.ut.ac.ir/en/~mbahar

Telephone: +982161117852

Research Interests: media and religion, family studies, cultural communication

Dr Abdollah Bicharanlou - Assistant Professor

UT profile : https://profile.ut.ac.ir/en/~bikaranlou

Telephone: +982161117825

Research Interests: Cinema and television studies, Music Studies, Media and Religion

Dr Alireza Dehghan - Associate Professor 

UT profile:  https://profile.ut.ac.ir/en/~adehghan

Telephone: +982161117842

Research Interests: media and ideologies, mass media, public sphere

Dr Mehdi Montazer Ghaem - Assistant Professor

UT profile:  https://profile.ut.ac.ir/en/~mmontazer

Telephone: +982161117888

Research Interests: international relations, television studies, political communication

Dr Abbas Ghanbari - Assistant Professor

UT profile:  https://profile.ut.ac.ir/en/~ghanbari.abbas

Telephone: +982161117824

Research Interests: mass communication theories, media and communication in South-East Asia, Islamization of Knowledge

Dr Masoud Kousari - Associate Professor

UT profile:  https://profile.ut.ac.ir/en/~mkousari

Telephone: +982161117824

Research Interests: cultural communication, qualitative methods

Dr Azam Ravadard - Professor

UT profile: https://profile.ut.ac.ir/en/~ravadrad

Telephone: +982161117886

Research Interests: sociology of art, visual communication, television studies

Dr Ehsan Shahghasemi - Assistant Professor

UT profile:   https://profile.ut.ac.ir/en/~shahghasemi

Telephone: +982161117825

Research Interests: cyberbullying, meta-analysis, intercultural communication