Dr Mohammad Jalal Abbasi - Professor

UT profile:  https://profile.ut.ac.ir/en/~mabbasi

Telephone +982161117856

Research Interests: migration, integration, Afghan communities in Iran

Dr Hossein Mahmoudian - Associate Professor

UT profile : https://profile.ut.ac.ir/en/~hmahmoud

Telephone +982161117856

Research Interests: population and health, migration and conditions of women, family and marriage

Dr Majid Koosheshi - Assistant Professor

UT profile : https://profile.ut.ac.ir/en/~kooshesh

Telephone +982161117896

Research Interests: morality, labour force

Dr Rasoul Sadeghi - Associate Professor

UT profile: https://profile.ut.ac.ir/en/~rassadeghi

Telephone +982161117874

Research Interests: migration and refugees, Afghan migrants in Iran, trends and conditions of International migration to Iran

Dr Fatemeh Torabi - Assistant Professor

UT profile:  https://profile.ut.ac.ir/en/~fatemeh_torabi

Telephone +982161117894

Research Interests: demography of family and marriage in Iran and Muslim Societies