The Library of social science faculty of Tehran University (SCF) is accessible by student and lecturers. The SCF Library Building comprises of four parts in two floors. The first floor includes Periodicals and Reference Section, Electronic Library and Media Services Section, Book databases and thesis databases. The second floor includes reading area for students. This part could accommodate about 150 users at any one time. All of the databases of SCF library are about social science and includes Anthropology, sociology, Communication and Media Sciences, Demographics and Development sciences.


The library currently holds 700 titles of books (English and Persian), 5000 thesis, 300 titles of journals (English and Persian) and 900 eBooks (English).



  • Internet
  • Discussion room
  • Electronic library for thesis and eBook.



Students and lecturers of Tehran University can borrow five books. All of the person can have full text of the thesis and eBook. The library site is available for seeing the list of all of references: